Dora Dragon's Web Site

Puppy Picture... the day I was adopted.

Later the same day I was adopted.
Being a pup is tiring.

I had to sniff Keith's phone the first day...

About me... Dora Dragon

I am originally a rescue pup from Gallup, NM. When I am not working hard at The Dragon Company I am often a little monster creating joy in the lives of everyone around me, aka Ms. Dora, Princess Dora, Queen Dora... (you get the picture).

I am told I look like a Kishu Ken, a noble Japanese dog that has been bred over thousands of years. I try to be affectionate, respectful and loyal to all the humans I love. I REALLY like to keep an eye on whatever is going on wherever I am. I will always try to position myself in such a manner to be able to see everything that is going on.

I really like hiking with Keith in the Mountains of Colorado and I also enjoy my doggie daycare friends. (Although I don't believe it) I have been told I can be quite opinionated and strong willed. Phffft... whatev's

I sometimes act as a security guard - I am SOOO weary of anyone wearing uniforms or delivering packages. I will definitely speak out with a “woof!” or two to let folks know I am watching and and that I am the boss!

Working at The Dragon Company requires me to have good posture.

Come on Keith... where is my nightly biscuit?

Check back soon. I hope more photos, videos and some of my other antics show up here.